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Look Around

A Mother's Journey from Grief and Despair to Healing and Hope

Look Around is a story of transformation which takes the reader on a journey through the assumptive world of all the good things we expect in life, through total devastation resulting from the unexpected death of a son and brother, and into a place of renewed hope, healing, and joy.  It is the story of Eric, a model son, a loving sibling, a loyal friend, and a musician with a heart of gold, who left his physical body at age 24, and how he came here to change us, to affect us, to make us better, and to remind us to look around and appreciate the wonders of this beautiful world that we take for granted.

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New Book Also Available!

Latest Work: Headliner
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A Bird Called Wisdom

Poems on Grief, Transformation, and Renewal

In A Bird Called Wisdom, Dolores Cruz shares her deeply intimate feelings which were recorded in her many journals during the first 6 years after her son, Eric, was killed in a car accident. These poems, which are relatable to anyone who has endured the painful loss of a loved one, guide us through her transformation from grief to healing and spiritual growth.

Latest Work: Welcome
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