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Look Around

A Mother's Journey from Grief and Despair to Healing and Hope

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The accidental writer...

Having utilized her writing skills during her career as a teacher as well as during her pursuit of a Masters degree in Educational Administration, Dolores Cruz had never thought about writing a book until her youngest child, Eric, was killed in a car accident in May of 2017 at age 24. During the ensuing months, as she tried to untangle herself from her web of grief and total inability to understand how this could happen, she began putting her feelings, her pain, and her love for Eric on paper.

What resulted was her book Look Around; A Mother’s Journey from Grief and Despair to Healing and Hope. This work tells not only the story of Dolores's spiritual journey, but also about Eric, who he was, how he touched all those around him, and how she now understands that he was meant to come to this world for a short time so that his family could continue to learn, grow, and pass on his legacy of love.

Dolores is a retired school teacher who has continued writing through her blog, Look Around, while also teaching tap dance through the local community college. She takes yoga classes and acting classes, and enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors enjoying nature, as well as spending time with her husband and three children. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their two boxer dogs, Rocky and Brandy.

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The Real Story

January 20, 2023

Look Around is a story of transformation which takes the reader on a journey through the assumptive world of all the good things we expect in life, through total devastation resulting from the unexpected death of a son and brother, and into a place of renewed hope, healing, and joy.  It is the story of Eric, a model son, a loving sibling, a loyal friend, and a musician with a heart of gold, who left his physical body at age 24, and how he came here to change us, to affect us, to make us better, and to remind us to look around and appreciate the wonders of this beautiful world that we take for granted.

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"In 2020 we have all felt what it's like to lose something, but for those who have lost loved ones that loss is even deeper. In LOOK AROUND author Dolores Cruz showcases how we find the strength to keep going, even though the pain is deep. This book is so relatable in its expressions of grief, wanting answers, doubt, anger and then the journey to peace. It doesn't mean we don't continue to grieve, but it does mean that we find a way to stay connected to what we've lost and realize that we're not alone. This is a book that everyone will be able to read and find something they can connect to. LOOK AROUND shows us how even though we lose someone we can still find a way to go on."

- Cyrus Webb

"A beautifully written book about life after an unspeakable tragedy. When her 24-year old son died in a horrific car accident, the author could have descended into a life of depression and despair. Instead, she rebuilt her life in a remarkable journey towards an affirmation of faith, hope, healing and, above all, the lesson that love is indeed eternal, and has shared that lesson with us. Yes, we will be with our loved ones on the other side - but, our loved ones are with us NOW - the signs and dreams and messages are all around us - if we just Look Around.know, or we think we know, what the book will be about from the outset, and it is difficult not to fear what we know will come. But this is not a "pity party"; it is an honest, self-realizing journey that none of us ever want to take, but in Ms. Cruz's world, it is a journey that she has been able to share with all of us."

- MK

"Cruz got me into her story right at the top and I couldn't think of much else while reading this book. I only put it down to blow my nose and catch the teardrops. A beautiful read. Highly recommended."

- Mick McMains

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"I have learned that life is not without pain and tragedy. It's what you do with the adversity that determines your experience of life. You can let it destroy you, or you can choose to let it make you into something better."

- Dolores Cruz

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